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Walk-In Tubs and the Safety of Elderly People

Walk-in tubs are designed to reduce the risks associated with ceramic tubs, which can be slippery. The non-slip surface and ground-level threshold provide added security and reassurance during bathing. This type of bathtub is an excellent choice for older adults who are at risk of falling.


Costs of walk-in tubs

Walk-in tubs are costly. Prices can be thousands of dollars depending on features and options. Most walk-in tubs come with at least two built-in grab bars. However, you may choose to add additional rails for an additional fee. The neck can be purchased for $50 to $100 to provide extra support. Other options include a speed drain, which cuts drain time to under two minutes, and a self-cleaning system. Some walk-in tubs also come with an in-line heater to keep the water temperature constant.

Walk-in tubs from https://thinkbordner.com/kansas-city-walk-in-tubs/ come with features designed to improve the safety of the elderly. Some models feature ADA-compliant grab bars and slip-resistant floors for increased security. They also provide ease of access for those with mobility problems, such as those who use wheelchairs. Some Medicare Advantage plans may cover the costs of walk-in tubs. These supplemental health plans vary by state.

Costs of installing a walk-in tub

Walk-in tubs can be expensive and require professional installation. Professional plumbers can charge up to $200 per hour for installation. Basic walk-in tub installations typically take one day and do not require major electrical work. They can cost between $750 and $1,600. If you want the tub to include jets or air-conditioning, you may have to install an electric pump or motor and wiring. These extra costs can push the total installation cost up to $3000. A walk-in tub is an excellent safety feature and can help you stay in your home for longer. A walk-in tub is often fitted with grab bars that prevent falls. Essential walk-in tubs usually come with one set of grab bars, which cost about $50 each. Purchasing a set of two or three additional grab bars can add $250 to the tub’s cost.

Reducing the risk of falls among the elderly

Falls are the most common cause of injury in the home for seniors. Seniors can fall for various reasons, including slick surfaces, moisture, and limited handholds. A simple fall can result in a debilitating injury. The safety of a walk-in tub can reduce the risk of falling and other damages. A walk-in tub helps seniors enter and exit the tub without stepping on a slippery surface. The tubs also come with full grab bars. The tubs are designed with the elderly in mind and help them remain safe. Falls can also be prevented by removing the high curb around the tub or shower. A walk-in tub makes it easier for in-home care providers to help the senior take a bath. While this tub may be more accessible for the elderly, it can be difficult for those with mobility issues to get into it. Seniors with dementia, for example, often forget how to step over a tub and fall while bathing.