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Things to Consider in Buying Outdoor Flood Lights

There are a few factors to consider when buying an outdoor flood light. They include lumen output, mounting options, durability, and energy efficiency. To help you select the best product, check out the following features: High lumen output, Durability, Energy-efficiency, Versatility, and Low profile.


High lumen output

When buying outdoor flood lights, you want to look for a high-lumen output. It is important because a lower lumen output is sometimes better. Considering the angle and placement of the lights, you should be able to activate the floodlight.

Generally, it would be best to look for at least two hundred lumens lights. These lights are used at construction sites or to light a parking lot. Lower-lumen lights are usually best for smaller work sites and more intricate applications, while higher-lumen lights are best for larger scale jobs and worksites.

Versatile mounting options

When choosing an outdoor flood light, look for a fixture with flexible mounting options. A bullhorn mount, for example, can hold up to four floodlights and is ideal for securing them to a pole. A straight-arm mount is perfect if you prefer a more low-profile solution. It can bolt directly to square rods but must be used with an adapter for round bars.

Another popular option is the LED motion sensor flood light. This model boasts 2650 lumens while using 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. They are also highly durable and will last for up to 20 years. The downside of these lights is their brightness, but they are available in dimmer options so that you can adjust their brightness accordingly.


Energy-efficient outdoor floodlights are an excellent option for security and ambiance. They can last many years and are a good choice for parking lots or other exterior areas. These lights come with several different mounting styles. One popular type is the Slip Fitter Mount, commonly used for parking lot lighting. Another style is the Knuckle Mount, which allows you to adjust the angle of the light.

This kind of lighting has a flexi-angle design and is simple to install. You can also find models with motion sensors, which automatically turn on when they detect movement within a 120-degree range. These lights are also programmable and feature a 30-day money-back guarantee. And while they are energy-efficient, they require very little maintenance.


When choosing an outdoor flood light, consider the product’s durability. These floodlights are exposed to elements that can damage them, such as rain and snow. Also, consider whether the product has a cooling system to prevent overheating and corrosion. Look for a product that has an extended warranty.

The LED bulbs used in outdoor flood lights are exceptionally durable. They can last up to 50,000 hours. Unlike halogen and compact fluorescent lamps, they do not break easily. They are also sensitive to oils, so you should use gloves when handling them. Another great benefit of using these lights outdoors is that they deter vandalism, which makes them a good option for security lighting.

LED flood lights are also available in models with different wattage and lumens. The lumens are the total amount of light a light projects in a specific time. They can range from 15 to 400 watts. Depending on their size, you can purchase high-wattage models that can illuminate large areas, while low-wattage units are perfect for small spaces.


There are several factors to consider when estimating the cost of outdoor flood lights. The types of lights, the brand, and the location where they will be installed will all determine the price. However, there are some tips for installing floodlights to reduce the overall cost.