Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

“Well At Least The Republicans Aren’t Under Threat Of Indictment!” Megyn Kelly RIPS Debbie Wasserman Schultz

In an awesome exchange with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was stunned when Kelly brought up Hillary Clinton’s possible indictment.

The Democratic National Committee Chairwoman chided the Republican candidates, but Kelly shot back that at least none of their candidates is under threat of indictment. Here’s how it went down:

MEGYN KELLY: You know what the response to that on the other side is, which is, yes, it has gotten vulgar on the GOP side, but no one’s facing the threat of indictment.

DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: There’s no one facing the threat of indictment on our side either, Megyn.

KELLY: There’s an open DOJ and FBI investigation into Mrs. Clinton right now.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Right. Let’s not be melodramatic.

KELLY: Those are the facts.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Well, predicting that there’s someone who is facing indictment is definitely —

KELLY: There was no prediction. There was a statement that there’s no one in the GOP side who’s under threat of indictment. That’s what the Republicans say on this.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: No, no. Instead you have the Republican party right now being led right now by their frontrunner who has a multi-bankrupted, you know, absolutely outrageous, ridiculous position. This is guy when’s been alienating and has become a whirling dervish of extremism that the entire Republican party that has been involved in the Republican party for many years is absolutely flipping out over the possibility of him being the nominee because they know that he will finish off the Republican party. And those are the facts.

KELLY: Even if that is true, even if all of that is true, that there’s vulgarity and so on in what you said, no one —

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: It certainly is true.

KELLY: No one is investigating Donald Trump for a crime. No one’s even suggesting he may be guilty of a felony. That’s the issue that you tell me we appear to be seeing in some of these exit polls when the Democrats, this is not even opening it up to the general election. The Democrats are asked when they think that the Democratic frontrunner is an honest person.