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$40 MILLION? Hillary Can’t Explain The MASSIVE Donations From Wall Street

More questions are coming about Hillary Clinton’s ties to Wall Street, especially the six-figure speeches she gave to Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs.

According to Clinton Foundation records, Wall Street has given as much as $40 million to the Clinton Foundation.

As a non-profit, the foundation isn’t required to disclose their donors, Breitbart is reporting, although they have disclosed some.

Adding everything up, Wall Street institutions gave the foundation between $11 and $41 million in contributions.

As with most things involving the Clintons, the devil is in the details. This total of contributions does not include those made by individuals with strong Wall Street ties. It also does not necessarily represent the total amounts contributed to the Foundation from those donors listed. It only accounts for the donations which the Foundation has chosen to disclose.

The failure of the Foundation to include any information on the timing of the donations is especially worrisome. In terms of donor relationships, there is a real difference between a one-time gift of $1 million and an ongoing gift of $200,000 for 5 straight years. The total dollar amount may be the same, but an ongoing gift usually requires a more substantive relationship between the Foundation and the donor.

There is, of course, an added dimension to the timing issue with the Clintons. During the life of the Foundation, Hillary Clinton has been a US Senator, Secretary of State and two-time candidate for President.

When the Clinton Foundation discloses that the “Friends of Saudi Arabia” contributed $1-5 million, it begs the obvious question of when that donation was made. The specific date of that donation is particularly important, given Clinton’s considerable focus on the Middle East while she was Secretary of State.

It is also important to note that these contributions are completely seperate from the paid speeches made by Bill and Hillary Clinton. In 2013 alone, Hillary earned just over $3 million in paid speeches to financial firms and institutions.

These contributions, obviously, also don’t include direct contributions made by Wall Street institutions and individuals to either of Clinton’s Presidential campaigns.

CF Finance Donors Table by Breitbart News