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New Documentary “Weiner” Can Only Hurt Hillary’s Campaign

There’s a new documentary coming out – called “Weiner” that threatens to be another thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It documents the mayoral campaign of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife, Hillary confidant Huma Abedin. Of course – in hindsight, this was a disaster idea. Weiner’s “sexting” escapades torpedoed his campaign and marred his name forever (not that it’s hard to mar a name “weiner.”)

It was screened exclusively by The New York Times, and they report it’s not going to go well for Hillary.

The film comes at an uncomfortable time for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign, as it grapples with attacks from both the Republican candidate Donald J. Trump and others reminding voters of sexual episodes of her husband’s past. In recent weeks former President Bill Clinton’s behavior has been raised in the Republican presidential primary by Mr. Trump, who said Mr. Clinton had a “terrible record of women abuse,” and also during the Democratic debate on Sunday, when Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Mrs. Clinton’s chief rival for the nomination, called the former president’s behavior “deplorable,” in response to a question about Mr. Clinton’s scandals.

Mrs. Clinton does not appear in the film (aside from in news footage), but her presence is frequently felt as Ms. Abedin — with facial expressions ranging from hurt to hostile — copes with the second sex scandal to engulf her husband’s career and crush her hopes of becoming a powerful political wife.

Tony Sayegh, a Republican strategist and Fox News Contributor, said the “Weiner” repercussions could be very real for Clinton, and cost her the support of some female voters.

“Among the more damaging is that it reveals another example of how hollow the ‘war on women’ argument is when coming from the Hillary camp, disabling that most favorite of perennial liberal ad hominem attacks is the equivalent of taking Superman’s ability to leap tall buildings away,” Sayegh told FOX411. “For both Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton, their sexual misconduct went well beyond the realm of a ‘boys will be boys’ defense. And it was Hillary and Huma to the rescue all in the name personal advancement. That is not a story Hillary wants out there, especially through a more popular medium that has the ability to reach a broader audience.”