Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Panders To Hispanics, Makes An Ass Of Herself

Hillary Clinton just stepped in the caca.

The blatant political pandering to Hispanics went over the top yesterday when her campaign tweeted out and posted a picture of Grandparents Hillary and Bill with the caption “7 ways Hillary Clinton is just like your abuela.”

It’s stupid and also irritates the hell out of Hispanics. So much so, they’ve coined a new term for it: “Hispandering.”

There’s also an awesome hashtag in response, #notmyabuela.

In response, one writer said plainly: You are nothing like my abuela.

See, Hillary, you are not just like my abuela. In fact, you are nothing like her. The U.S. immigration regime did not keep you from seeing your third granddaughter learn to walk. It has not kept you immobile for nine years. It has not separated you from the culture or the language you know, from the place you call home.

You cannot intersperse a few words in Spanish and a couple references to what your staff assumes to be a Latinx culture, and then call yourself our abuela. My abuela does not have your level of fame or your educational status; she does not possess your international influence or your impressive collection of pantsuits.

Pero mi abuela holds a thousand stories in her eyes alone. Her hands speak of struggle and her back holds the weight of generations of Latinx women who have survived colonization, dictatorships, imperialism and forced migration. She is incomparable.