Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Confused Liberal Media Declares ONLY BERNIE CAN WIN!

The liberal media is certain that if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee, she’ll suffer from such low-voter turnout, that she will likely lose.

And the only thing that can save this heartbreaking scenario? Bernie Sanders!

The Huffington Post is reporting that Hillary inspires so much blah that voters simply don’t care. Of those who do, 14 percent said they will definitely not vote for Hillary.

Only Bernie Sanders can combat this low voter turnout.

If the DNC wants to risk future Supreme Court nominees or a neon-lit Trump sign atop the White House in 2016, then ignoring negative favorability ratings, in addition to an expanding FBI investigation, will result in defeat. In reality, even the prospect of a Trump victory, or a conservative Supreme Court, aren’t enough to make many progressives support someone with a “neocon” foreign policy (advised byneoconservatives) also funded by prison lobbyists.

It’s difficult to hate Dick Cheney, and drive to the polls and vote for Hillary Clinton, when both pushed for Iraq. Also, when VOX writes Hillary Clinton will pull the Democrats — and the country — in a hawkish direction, many Democrats simply won’t vote for a Republican on foreign policy.

Democrats will lose in 2016 with low voter turnout, and only Bernie Sanders ensures that progressive voters in aggregate don’t struggle to get to the polls. First, Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure, even for progressives. Thus far, 25,000 progressiveshave already pledged to write in Bernie Sanders if he’s not the nominee. This number could grow exponentially, especially with questions about the DNC’s handling of debates and the validity of polls dominated by landlines. I heard the next debate is at 3:00 am in the morning, on a Sunday, but again, I need to check the latest revised schedule from the DNC.