Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Sorry Hillary! Women Prefer Bernie

Hillary claims to be the candidate for women (usually at the exclusion of everyone else), but she simply isn’t.

And the facts bear this out. Here main challenger, who is behind in almost every poll, has more women donors than she does. As TruthRevolt puts it: The Sisterhood ain’t backing Clinton.

Clinton has long tried to make her campaign one about women and women’s issues but so far, women are not responding, at least not when it comes to handing over cash.

But the higher number of women donors for Sanders is due to the fact that he has an overall larger number of individual donors than Clinton, a fact that he frequently points out on the campaign trail, noting that he refuses to take money from corporations and super PACs.

Sanders claims more than 689,000 individual donors to nearly 400,000 for Clinton. That means that the former Secretary of State still can brag that a higher percentage of her contributors are women — 60 percent versus 44 percent for Sanders.

So far Clinton still appears to have stronger support among women voters than Sanders. A recent CBS/YouGov poll put Clinton at 57% among Democratic women voters in Iowa to 38% for Sanders. In New Hampshire it was much closer with 52% of Democratic women saying they would back Clinton to 47% for Sanders.