Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Watch How Hillary Deals With Protester (It Doesn’t Go Well)

Hillary Clinton doesn’t do dissent.

So when a protester had a large sign listing some of the lies Hillary has said, a supporter tore his sign down.

hillary large signBut the protester was undeterred. He took the tiny portion of the sign he had left and held it up while Hillary spoke on stage.

Quickly, security approached the man and escorted him away – out of camera view.

In the video, the man is removed from his position near the candidate either out of the venue or at least out of view of the cameras. According to CBS 11’s Jack Fink, the man was escorted out of the rally.

The man had earlier held up a larger sign mentioning past scandals involving the Clintons. That sign was ripped down by someone after which he then raised the smaller sign seen in the video. That smaller sign appears to have been torn off the bottom of the larger sign.