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“Sexy” Or “Gross:” Gun-Toting Hillary Deigned By “Hyper-Feminist”

Some folks are calling the new book cover “sexy.”

That really depends on your definition of “sexy.”

The new book “My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency,” is causing a ruckus, mainly for the painted image on the front of Hillary Clinton pointing a revolver at the reader.

The painting was done by a big Clinton supporter, Sarah Sole, who said “I’m hyper-feminist. I see an embrace of Hillary aesthetically as an incredible feminist statement.”

But not everybody agrees, the Washington Post is reporting.

“It’s disgusting,” the Nation’s Joan Walsh tweeted. Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett agreed. “This cover is gross,” he tweeted.

what was the problem? Sexism — maybe.

“Some critics of the cover have pointed out that, even if Sole intended the image to be sexy and powerful, in the context of a book that lambastes Clinton’s hawkishness and ambition, it plays into the stereotype that any woman who wields force is cartoonishly unnatural, a villain,” Slate wrote.

But Sole has devoted quite a bit of time to making art about Hillary the conquering hero. A New York artist, she’s made a number of provocative pictures of Clinton since her loss to Obama in 2008. Inspired by pulp film images of the 1950s, her Instagram account features images of Clinton topless; of Clinton wielding weapons; of Clinton’s face superimposed on to male bodies; of Clinton riding a motorcycle over the declaration “YOLO.” (For those not up on youth lingo, that’s “you only live once.”)