Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Latest Poll Shows Hillary Losing To EVERY Republican

Right now, Hillary Clinton would lose a general-election matchup to just about anybody.

In a matchup with any Republican candidate, Hillary would lose to all of them.

The Fox News poll shows Clinton would lose to Dr. Ben Carson by 11 points, Donald Trump by 5 points, Jeb Bush by 4 points and Carly Fiorina by 3 points.

Vice President Joe Biden is more electable than Hillary, the poll suggests. He would beat Trump by 13 points and Bush by 5 points.

The poll also shows that among Democrats, Clinton remains the frontrunner with 45 percent of the Dem vote, Bernie Sanders nets 25 percent and as-yet unannounced Joe Biden at 19 percent. The polls haven’t changed much in the last three weeks.

Contrary to the chatter from some pundits, party “trumps” gender. Women are more inclined to back the Democrat over Fiorina whether it is Clinton (+7 points) or Biden (+12 points). Men are more likely to back Fiorina over Clinton by 14 points, yet Fiorina’s edge narrows to 5 points over Biden.

How would the 2016 contest look if Biden were to pick Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his running mate?  Voters prefer a Biden-Warren ticket over both a Trump-Fiorina ticket (48-42 percent) and a Bush-Rubio combo (45-43 percent).

The margin of error for the poll is plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.