Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Oh Yeah! We Forgot! Those Emails? They’re In The Cloud. Hereya Go.

With word coming out now that Hillary’s e-mails were backed-up in the “cloud” and are very likely completely retrievable, it begs the question:

Didn’t anyone in the Clinton campaign know this?

The spent months and months telling us that the e-mails were gone … wiped clean, deleted. Never to he had again. 31,000 of them. All personal, Hillary will tell you.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter how many were “personal” e-mails and how many were “work-related.” We’re now at the point where we can ask how incredibly stupid Hillary Clinton’s people are.

The latest news, reported by McClatchy is that Hillary herself hired a Connecticut company to back up her e-mails to this “cloud” storage system. Her lawyers have agreed to turn over all the data to the FBI.

Did Hillary not tell anyone this? Did she think nobody would find out? Did her staff overlook this wildly important piece of information?

The source said, however, that Platte River had set up a 60-day retention policy for the backup server, meaning that any emails to which incremental changes were made at least 60 days prior would be deleted and “gone forever.” While the server wouldn’t have been “wiped clean,” the source said, any underlying data likely would have been written over and would be difficult to recover.

Oh no! Another obstacle! Phht.

Do you believe that? At some point, they’ll just fess up that every single e-mail has been assembled, categorized and bound into a book and is stored in the trunk of Bill’s car. Jeez.