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New Polling Suggests Men Growing Weary Of Hillary

Men are getting sick and tired of Hillary.

New polling shows that while women’s favorability rating of women has remained the same at around 50 percent, men are souring of Hillary.

During the summer, 42 percent of men viewed Hillary Clinton favorably, but in the latest polling ,that number has dropped to 33 percent.

Another poll shows the same thing. The Quinnipiac poll shows Hillary’s favorability with men is down ten points with men, but only three points with women.

“Of course, Clinton’s main aim at the moment is winning the Democratic nomination, so it may seem premature to scrutinize her favorable rating among national adults,” he wrote. “The good news for Clinton is that among women who identify as Democrats or as Democratic-leaning, Clinton’s image remains in very good shape.”

Gallup’s most recent survey did show a notable downturn in Democratic males’ opinions of Clinton, with 64 percent rating her favorably now versus more than 70 percent earlier in the year. Whether that represents a temporary dip or a lasting change is not yet clear.

Those numbers are among “national” adults, and since she’s working to win the Democratic nomination, it’s also important to look at how she’s faring among likely Democratic voters.

Support among men who identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party has remained relatively stable over the roughly two-month period, save for a notable recent drop. After hovering around 71% to 74% for July and August, Clinton’s favorable rating with this group dropped to 64% for interviews conducted Sept. 3-15. While there is no doubt that this drop, if sustained, would be significant and potentially beneficial to a current or prospective Clinton challenger, it remains to be seen if this one swing in the data represents a long-lasting attitudinal change among Democratic men.