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Two-Faced: Did Hillary Get Secret Plastic Surgery?

If this is true, can you say Hillary Clinton is two-faced?

A new book about Hillary claims she underwent plastic surgery just prior to announcing she was running for president.

In “Unlikeable,’ Ed Klein writes that the 68-year-old went under the knife just before her presidential announcement.

Bill Clinton “wanted her to get a face-lift,” and, “She couldn’t do anything about the calendar — she’d be 69 years old in 2016 — but she could do something about the lines and sagging skin on her face.”

But Klein claims, “She had no intention of going to a clinic,” and asked a well-known plastic surgeon to go to her house in Chappaqua, NY, where he set up a “mini operating room in her home with the latest medical equipment.”

“She had her cheeks lifted and her wrinkles and lines Botoxed . . . She had work done on her eyes as well as on her neck and forehead.”

Quoting one of Hillary’s friends, Klein continues, “She took it gradually and didn’t have anything drastic done, because she wanted to evaluate the changes as she proceeded. If it had started to make her look weird, she would have stopped it immediately. It was a pretty big deal and required multiple visits.”

Predictably, Hillary’s people have said that Klein’s new book is “bullshit,” but didn’t directly respond to the facelift allegations.