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State Department Official Appointed To Handle Clinton Email Requests Is Big Clinton Donor

Janice Jacobs is a career diplomat with a successful track record with the State Department. That’s why she was appointed by John Kerry to serve as the “email czar,” in charge of responding to the document requests related to Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server.

That’s the story. Here’s the truth:

Janice Jacobs is a career diplomat with a successful track record with the State Department, and a contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. That’s why she was appointed.

CNN’s article discusses Jacobs and her appointment, but fails to mention that less than two months ago, Jacobs donated $2,700 to Hillary’s presidential campaign.


The campaign donation was first revealed by Associated Press editor Ted Bridis. That Hillary and the State Department thought they could pull a fast one on the American people is amazing.

Here’s the “official” information on Jacobs, from CNN.

Officials say Kerry tapped Jacobs for her experience in leading reform efforts. As Deputy Assistant Secretary for Visa Services in 2002, she was at the center of a major effort to revamp visa issuance policies and how the State Department shared information with law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The State Department was under pressure at that time to show it could prevent terrorists from entering the country with valid U.S. visas in the future, which led to historic changes in Jacobs’ office.

She would later become Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs in 2008, until she retired last year. In that post, she was tasked with clearing up a backlog of passport applications following new requirements for travelers entering the US by air to have passports. The record number of applications led to a massive backlog that caused long delays for millions of Americans attempting to travel abroad.

That all sounds nice. Isn’t that nice? Except it doesn’t really matter – all that matters is that you’re a Hillary supporter.

Here’s my question: Did Obama know about this? Did he authorize it? Or did it only go up to John Kerry for approval.

Because if President Obama knew about this, I think it’s pretty clear whose side he’s on.

H/T: weaselzippers.us