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Hillary On 25% Gun Tax: “I’m All For That”

More than two decades ago, then-First-Lady Hillary Clinton was a pretty popular lady.

It was September 1993 and the inauguration of her husband was only eight months in the rear-view mirror.

Bill decided to let Hillary monkey around with health care and she testified before Congress’ Finance Committee on how to pay for Universal Health Care.

And someone – I don’t even know who it is – had a grand idea: Tax the shit out of guns and use that money to pay for health care.

You can accomplish three things liberals love with one fell swoop: raise taxes, make it harder for law-abiding Americans to buy a gun and pay for a massive health-care scheme.

Then Sen. Bill Bradley asked Hillary what she thought of this atrocity. And my golly, she’s thrilled with the idea. As the AP put it:

Sen. Bill Bradley, D-N.J., picked up Mrs. Clinton’s support for his idea of slapping stiff taxes on ”purveyors of violence:” a 25 percent sales tax on guns and $2,500 license fees for gun dealers.

”Speaking personally … I’m all for that,” said the first lady. But she stressed she was just speaking for herself.

”Well, let me say that there is no more important personal endorsement in the country today, and I thank you very much,” said a pleased-as-punch Bradley.

And if you look at the video above, it’s true. Bradley looks positively giddy.

That anti-gun crusade continues. Americans for Tax Reform report she’s called for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and other worthless, unconstitutional measures.

On Aug. 26, Clinton said she would push to “balance the legitimate Second Amendment rights with preventive measures and control measures.” The next day a Washington Post headline declared her “the new standard-bearer for gun control.”

“Hillary has made it perfectly clear to the millions of gun owners in the United States: she doesn’t like us, she doesn’t trust us and she wants us to go away,” said Norquist.