Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Anonymous Site Let’s Women “Whisper” Their Hatred For Hillary

It’s a given in this day and age that a lot of people are going to want to vote for Hillary solely because she’s a woman.

A lot of people, but not all of them. Many have decided to vote against Hillary specifically because of her status as a female presidential front-runner.

whisper hillary

The women are taking to the anonymous posting website “Whisper” to voice their frustration at being a left-leaning female and assumed Hillary supporter, the Daily Mail reports.

whisper hillary2

“I’m a 40yr old, white, liberal, middle-class woman, and I hate Hillary Clinton,” one poster writes. “I don’t want her to be our first female president.”

whisper hillary3The design of the messages posted on Whisper are all similar. The message the user wants to anonymously post is shown over an image. These particular images are all of Hillary Clinton.

whisper hillary4“People who want to vote for Hillary Clinton JUST because she’s a woman are really ignorant and disappointing,” another user posted. “I’m a female feminist.”

whisper hillary5The writers hail from every corner of the political spectrum. Some identified as black, others were white and some were Hispanic.

whisper hillary6“I’m a black, left leaning women but I won’t be voting for Hillary,” one post read. “I don’t know if I can trust her – she gets along too well with the rest of them.”      whisper hillary7 whisper hillary8 whisper hillary9