Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Dick Cheney Says Hillary “Should Have Known Better”

The man Democrats love to vilify is stepping out and taking jabs at Hillary.

Adding to the fun, former Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on Fox News and said Americans should be “extremely concerned” about the e-mail controversy.

Cheney as a lot of experience in the Executive Branch and how communication should be handled. He’s particularly concerned at the vulnerability of leaving classified information on a private server.

“I think it’s significant,” Cheney said. “I know from my own experience that when you go into those kinds of jobs, you’re briefed on the enormous importance of being very careful with how you handle classified information. In fact, it looks to me like she approached it in a sort of amateurish, nonprofessional way.”

Cheney is promoting a new book “Exceptional,” so there’s a personal benefit for doing the talk show circuit, but it’s always fun when Cheney says something. It puts Democrats in fits.

He said the Clinton “should have known better” than using a private server.

“I think it was sloppy and unprofessional — that it reflected a lack of understanding for how easy it is for adversaries to tap into communications,” he said on CNN. “Maybe she went into it ignorant but I find that hard to believe. She’s an intelligent woman, She’s spent a lot of time in the White House.”

In other “Dick Cheney News,” he declined to make an endorsement in the presidential race, but it’s pretty clear who he won’t be supporting.