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John Podesta’s Lie: I Didn’t Read All Hillary’s Emails, But She Never Sent Anything Classified

Long-time Hillary boot-licker John Podesta is absolutely certain that she never sent or received classified information from her private e-mail.

How does he know. He just knows.

Did he read all 55,000 e-mails? Well, no. The chairman of Clinton’s campaign just knows Hillary and knows she wouldn’t do such a thing, townhall.com is reporting.

Over the weekend John Podesta, who much like Carville has been working for the Clintons since the 90s, attempted to defend Clinton by once again declaring she never sent or received classified information on her private server.

“She never sent any classified information, she never received anything,” Podesta said. “I haven’t read all 55,000 pages of emails but I’m quite confident.”

His statement is false. An independent Inspector General has confirmed top secret classified information was indeed found on her server and 300 more documents have been flagged as potentially classified for further review. Second, Clinton is under FBI criminal investigation and the same prosecutor who took down General David Petraeus for mishandling classified information is looking at her case. Further, if he hasn’t “read all 55,000 emails” then how would he know none of them contained classified information?

At this point, Team Clinton is simply saying things that are not true and hoping that one day the American people buy it. This time around, they won’t. Clinton’s poll numbers continue to crater on the issue of trust and it’s clear her campaign has no real strategy about how to gain that trust back.