Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Tried To Wipe Her Server Clean Before Turning It Over To The FBI

An attempt was made to wipe the hard drive of Hillary’s e-mail server, two FBI officials told The Daily Beast, meaning attempts were made to remove all the data from it,.

Despite that, an FBI officials said he is optimistic that the data can be recovered.

The Clinton campaign said they deleted all “work-related” e-mails after turning them over to the State Department. Because she thinks she’s funny, she made a joke about whether or not she wiped the server clean, asking jokingly “With a cloth?” Har har.

The Associated Press reported earlier Tuesday that investigators may be able to discern how secure her email system was, whether its files had been backed up, and if anyone else had accounts on the system.

A forensic examination of Hillary’s server could reveal more than just e-mails, the Chicago Tribune is reporting. It could answer questions about the security of her system, whether it was hacked and who had access to it.

In the lastest polls of a faceoff between Clinton and Donald Trump, Hillary now enjoys only a six-point advantage over The Donald, an increase by almost 15 points.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday in North Las Vegas, Nevada, Clinton said she was “very comfortable that this will eventually get resolved and the American people will have plenty of time to figure it out.”

She added: “In retrospect, this didn’t turn out to be convenient at all and I regret that this has become such a cause celebre. But that does not change the facts.” She reiterated that what she did was “legally permitted” and said she did not send any emails marked “classified.”