Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Clinton Dodges, Dodges, Dodges

Liberals are unhappy that Hillary Clinton is being Hillary Clinton.

She should be more like Martin O’Malley. Jeez, there’s a guy who has positions.

The leftist site ThinkProgress has an article that tries to outline three of the Democratic Candidates’ positions on climate issues. Of 11 “issues” (which are rather silly), only Martin O’Malley has a stated position of all of them. The Socialist ™ Bernie Sanders has a position on nine and Hillary has taken a stand on only four.

I mentioned that most of the positions are silly, but the other ones are just plain dumb. Despite the fact that only 28 percent of Americans oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, former Maryland Governor O’Malley and Vermont Senator Sanders are against it. Hillary hasn’t taken a position.

What are Hillary’s views on offshore drilling? Only da shadow knows.

Carbon taxes? Arctic drilling? Phasing out fossil fuels? Nobody knows what Hillary thinks because she’s controlled by polls and taking a position – any position – on these issues would mean she actually has to say what she means, which is anathema to the Clintons.

And what positions does Hillary actually take publicly? They’re meaningless. Do you want to increase renewable energy? Sure! Do you like clean power? Of course! Do you want to improve pipeline safety? Absolutely!

Good Lord, who doesn’t want to “improve pipeline safety”?

Mrs. Clinton: Do you like Mom and apple pie?

Yes! Yes, I do.

Now there’s a definitive answer.

Photo Credit: ThinkProgress