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Supporter Pleads With Hillary To Take A Position On Keystone. Here’s Her Awful Answer

Hillary Clinton just gave the most nonsensical, mealy-mouthed answer to the Keystone XL pipeline question.

In New Hampshire, she was pretending to lay out her climate and energy platform. An audience member pleaded with her to “please” commit one way or the other. She’s either against it or for it.

The project would transport Canadian oil to the gulf and create thousands of jobs. Here was her response, according to Politico:

“This is President Obama’s decision, and I am not going to second-guess him,” she told an audience member who implored her to “please” commit to either approving or vetoing the pipeline. Clinton explained that while she helped start the process of reviewing the pipeline during her tenure as secretary of state, she doesn’t want to interfere with the White House or current Secretary of State John Kerry.

“If it’s undecided when I become president, I will answer your question,” she said.

Of course, that was the worst answer ever, so the sycophantic reporters asked her again, hoping they can print an answer that isn’t so damn bad. Hillary wouldn’t budge on her mushy blobbiness:

“I was involved in this process and my assessment is that it is not appropriate, nor fair, for me to prejudge in a public arena what Secretary Kerry and President Obama eventually have to decide, and therefore I will not do it,” she said.

“And I’m sorry if people want me to. I have been very clear: I will not express an opinion until they have made a decision, and then I will do so.”

Got it? She’s been very clear that she’s not going to be clear at all. So stop asking her. Don’t you people know who she is?