Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Is “Stunningly Unpopular”

Hillary Clinton isn’t just unpopular, she’s “stunningly” unpopular.

In a new Quinnipiac poll, only 33 percent of voters in Iowa have a favorable view of the candidate, with 56 percent viewing her unfavorably.

In Virginia, the unfavoribility rating is 50 percent, with 41 percent viewing her positively.

Colorado voters feel the same way. She is viewed positively by 35 percent of voters, but negatively by 56 percent.

On MSNBC’s morning show, NBC Meet The Press anchor said Trump’s ridiculous campaign is overshadowing how incredibly unpopular Hillary is.

“If it wasn’t for Donald Trump, the biggest story of the summer would be Hillary Clinton’s problem solidifying herself inside the Democratic Party,” according to Todd. “It would be the Bernie Sanders boomlet.”

Todd said, “This fits another pattern of hers. Whenever she’s been out front as the face of the Democratic Party, her numbers have gone down. They always have, whenever she is the focal point.”

The message is: If Clinton plans win the Democratic nomination, she needs to stay out of the spotlight. Don’t give interviews, don’t hold rallies. Just sit quietly in a darkened room and hope for the best.