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CNN Reporter Criticizes Clinton After Interview: “Not Open Or Transparent”

After her first national television interview since she announced her candidacy for President, CNN reporter Brianna Keilar sharply criticized Hillary Clinton’s performance, The Blaze is reporting.

“I did not hear a more open or transparent Hillary Clinton,” Keilar said.

Keilar listed several questions she asked Clinton in which she was not satisfied with the answer she received in return.

“I heard her not engaging on the issue of Bernie Sanders. He’s a self-described Democratic Socialist and I asked her why is garnering this support and enthusiasm you don’t seem to among Democrats. She wouldn’t engage on that,” Keilar said. “Even on this concern … about Jeb Bush and there would be this dynastic race between a Bush and a Clinton … she wouldn’t engage on that … The big issue has to do with her trust. She insists that voters should and do trust her, but at the same time, we see in our recent polls, six in ten Americans say they don’t find her honest or trustworthy. This is significant. While she really is blaming Republicans on this, this is actually a recent development.”

The CNN host added that she felt Clinton wouldn’t engage on other issues, including the idea of a Bush v. Clinton general election and her problem with polls showing many voters don’t find her trustworthy.

Keilar’s sit down with Clinton was the first nationally televised interview since the Democratic presidential contender announced her 2016 bid for the White House.