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“Hillary Nutcracker” Is A Real Ball Buster

It’s back and it’s a ball-breaker.

It’s the Hillary Nutcracker.

Back in 2008, the figure appeared and was apparently popular enough they decided to bring it back. The new version sports a pink blazer, black pants and “stainless steel thighs.” The packaging has sayings like “No more nuts in the White House!” and “2016 or Bust!”

Genius huh?

The Washington Examiner is reporting they sold more than 20,000 of the nutcrackers back in 2008 and some are even going for $60 on ebay. The website hillarynutcracker.com is already up and running and taking orders. Only $29.95 with free shipping.

“The Grandmother of all nutcrackers with stainless steel thighs you can trust, is taking names and busting nuts,” the site reads.

The designer, Gibson Carothers, is clearly a bit loopy and desperate for attention.

He’s promising to face the tough questions about his product, which has offended some. In a reference to Clinton’s avoidance of the media, he said, “We won’t be dodging the press.” He added, “It’s crunch time, America.”

Isn’t that cute.