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Hillary’s Record Haul – $45 Million – Beats Any Candidate Ever

In her first quarter as a candidate, Hillary is on track to raise $45 million – far exceeding the $26 million first-quarter haul she raise the last time she ran.

The money dwarfs any other political candidate – especially the amount Sen. Bernie Sanders, her main opposition in the Democratic Party.

The LA Times is reporting the $45 million beats the last all-time fundraising records set by President Obama in 2011 at $41.9 million.

The Clinton campaign did not reveal how many people contributed in a background memo sent to reporters. But it noted that 91% of the contributions were $100 or less. In the final days of the quarter, the campaign had blitzed supporters with emails, imploring them to give as little as $1 – a clear sign of Clinton’s eagerness to show broad-based interest. The pitches set a goal of 50,000 contributions.

Campaign officials have said they need $100 million to win the primary. They are clearly well on their way. Should Clinton win, however, she will need ramp up her fundraising substantially. A successful general election campaign fund would likely exceed $1 billion.

Most of that money won’t got to Hillary’s campaign directly, but to her Super PAC. Sanders has forbidden his supporters from forming such a Super PAC, saying they corrupt democracy.