Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

School Balks At Hillary’s Quarter-Million Dollar Speaking Fee, So They Opt For “Chelsea The Cheaper”

The University of Missouri wanted a famous woman to speak at their big opening of their “women’s hall of fame.”

So naturally, they thought of Hillary Clinton. But when Hillary’s people came back to them with the price tag – $275,000 – they were shocked. “Yikes!” was what one university e-mail sent to the other.

So they decided on the “lesser” Clinton and asked Chelsea to appear and speak.

Her cost: $65,000. A real bargain for a Clinton, no?

For the very brief appearance on Feb. 24, 2014, the school shelled out more than most families make in a year. She’s the second-tier Clinton that the commoners can afford.

But even though you’re getting a “second-rung” Clinton, that doesn’t make the job any easier.

The Washington Post is reporting Chelsea kept tight control on how the appearance would go. She demanded to see and edit all the marketing materials, view the introductory remarks and strictly limited the amount of time she spent on campus. Because Chelsea Clinton is very, very busy.

Here’s how much “Chelsea” $65,000 bought:

  • A 10-minute speech
  • A 20-minute question-and-answer session
  • A 30 minute limit posing for pictures.

Her fee, according to her spokesman, went to the Clinton Foundation – WHICH SHE CHAIRS.

Officials with the school appeared to believe Clinton was worth her fee, which university spokesman John Martellaro said was paid using private donations. They exulted to Clinton’s representatives that the luncheon sold out quickly, with 1,100 tickets selling for $35 each — which would equal $38,500. University officials say the event was intended to boost attention for the new hall of fame, not raise money.