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The Campaign Button Hillary Doesn’t Want You To See

So while Hillary Clinton is busy making grand pronouncements about the racism of the Confederate Flag and how it should be taken down from the South Carolina State Capitol, she’d be very happy if you didn’t pay much attention to the campaign button her husband used two decades ago.

The Blaze is reporting during the 1992 Presidential Campaign, the Clinton/Gore ticket used the Confederate flag on their campaign materials – including the button shown above and this button here:

sons of the new southFollowing the massacre at a black church in Charleston, politicians from both political parties have been falling all over themselves calling for the flag to be removed from the state captol.

It’s possible the buttons weren’t official campaign material, The Washington Post reports, but when he was governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton signed a bill into law that reaffirmed the state’s language stating the Arkansas state flag honored the Confederate Flag.

TheBlaze also asked if the former Arkansas first lady opposed now or opposed then an act signed by her husband honoring the Confederate flag. The Clinton campaign did not respond to either question.