Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Extraordinarily White Woman Who Has Oodles Of White Friends Tells America It’s Racist

An elderly white woman who is running for president with the support of the whitest people you’ve ever seen has proclaimed America a racist nation that needs to come to terms with its past.

That same woman lives in a posh home in an expensive little town that has exactly 28 black people – less than two percent of the population.

She also once bragged about how much white people just love her.

The Daily Caller is reporting the old white lady is the same one who sent her only daughter to a $36,000 per year private school rather than force her to attend public school in Washington – which is two-thirds black.

The white woman who said racist runs deep in America is married to a man who played golf at an all-white country club when he was running for president.

That woman – of course – is Hillary Clinton, a person so white she almost glows.

This is the lecture that the lily-white, privileged millionaire upper-class geriatric woman gave us after the Charleston Shooting:

“In America today, blacks are nearly three times as likely as whites to be denied a mortgage. Our schools are more segregated than they were in the 1960s,” Clinton said.

“We must address these issues as a nation, and we must also address them as individuals,” the Democrat insisted. “Cruel jokes can’t go unchallenged, offhand comments about not wanting ‘those people’ in the neighborhood can’t be ignored, and news reports about poverty and crime and discrimination can’t just evoke our sympathy — even empathy — they must also spur us to action and prompt us to question our own assumptions and privilege.”

Of course, Hillary wants us to check our “white privilege.” She doesn’t need to “check” hers. It’s right out there for all to see like cheese on a cracker.