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Hillary Denying Press Access To Campaign Events

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has blocked pool access to her campaign events in New Hampshire, making it difficult for print publications across the country to report on her events.

The “pool reporters” are pre-designated reporters for print, radio, television and web-based outlets who report on the campaign for the outlets at large. It reduces the headache of having an entire press entourage at every event.

The designated “pool reporter” for print media for Clinton’s New Hampshire events was a reporter for the Daily Mail, a London-based news outlet. The campaign refused to allow access to the pool reporter for her events.

In response, a Clinton spokesman said there was “blowback” from U.S.-based outlets about giving priority to foreign operations. They claim they want to give preference to U.S. newspapers.

Of course, the Daily Mail is part of the group of publications participating in the pool and were selected by the other newspapers in the U.S. to represent them.

Clearly, this is an attempt to restrict press access to Clinton’s campaign events. The Boston Globe reports that Clinton has only answered a scant few questions from the press and only recently has agreed to sit down with local reporters.

The reporter – David Martosko – said he will travel to the events regardless of whether he will be denied access or not.

When Martosko showed up at their first event in Rochester, he said he was denied access inside the YMCA of Strafford County by a “Secret Service agent.” When he requested to use the restroom, the agent told him the area had already gone through a security sweep and he should “hit the woods.”