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Hillary Finally Lists Her Major Accomplishments As Secretary Of State

Ever since she left the State Department, Hillary has been under pressure to list her major accomplishments as Secretary.

The public – even her die-hard supporters – have struggled to list even a single accomplishment Clinton can slide into her belt as Secretary of State.

Well, at long last, Hillary Clinton addressed the issue head-on and gave us her list of the major accomplishments she can claim while in that post. In the “campaign re-launch” speech she gave Saturday, Hillary ran down the list and in the interest of fairness, we reproduce her list in its entirety:

1) Standing up to Vladimir Putin

2) Sitting in the situation room while Osama bin Laden was killed.

3) …

Oh … were you expecting more? Nah. That’s it.

Of course, merely sitting in a room while Navy SEALS found and took out Osama bin Laden is a major accomplishment. Maybe she had to pee? Maybe there was an important phone call from a big donor? But Hillary sat there and waited. That is a major accomplishment and we shan’t criticize it.

But standing up to Putin? When did she do that? Was it when she pushed the “reset button”? Was it her forceful scowl when Putin walked all over the Obama Administration’s “red lines”?

reset button

H/T: weaselzippers.us