Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

The Great Convincing: You’re “Ready” For Hillary, Even If You Aren’t

They’re “ready for Hillary.” Sort of.

Democrats are trying to learn to love Hillary Clinton, even if they don’t like her.

Volunteers and paid campaign staff are doing the heavy lifting trying to convince liberals that Hillary Clinton is their candidate.

They’re trying to convince Gina Casey, 59, in Mankato, Minnesota.

“To tell you the truth, I like Bernie Sanders for just his honesty, but I don’t think he’s electable,” said she said. “So, I’m trying to love Hillary and I need to know more.”

Paid staffer Scott Hogan was undeterred. He tried to convince the small gathering that Bernie was unelectable and that Hillary was the way to go – even if the campaign isn’t about her.

“This campaign is about you,” Hogan told Casey and a handful of other Democrats gathered on a hot Tuesday night in this small southern Minnesota city. “It’s not about me. It’s not about Hillary. It’s about how best to move this country forward.”

Hillary has a massive ground operation. She has already opened 15 state offices and has a paid army of over 100 organizers. She’s the prohibitive favorite. She leads the Democratic polls by a wide margin, yet Democrats don’t really like her.

She is not popular – even among Democrats. One in four Dems say she is not “honest and trustworthy,” 27 percent are dissatisfied with her handling of Benghazi and one in six have an unfavorable opinion of Hillary.