Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary’s “Automatic Voter Registration” Failed In Canada … So We Should Do It Here?

Hillary’s sounding an increasingly populist tone lately, especially when it comes to voter registration.

She’s now calling for “automatic voter registration” when someone turns 18.

Of course, that this will cause a rash of problems is beside the point. The point – Hillary contends – is to increase voter turnout.

So let’s look at a country that implemented “automatic voter registration” and see how effective it’s been at bringing people to the ballot.

Canada for example. They implemented automatic voter registration in 1997. They normally vote at higher numbers than we do in the U.S., but their voting percentage has been in decline.

So did the 1997 law work? Did it increase voter turnout. It did not. It failed.

“How would it be automatic? Just show up to vote with a driver’s license or proof you are 18?” Susan Gill, a board of directors member of the National Association of Election Officials, told The Blaze.

The NAEO represents state and local election officials involved in voter registration and election supervision. “What’s the mechanism to make it workable?” she also wondered.

Gill, also the supervisor of elections of Citrus County, Florida, asked how Oregon will handle eligible voters without driver’s licenses. Contrary to making voting more difficult, Gill contended that basic voter integrity laws ensure that votes count.

It increases the number of registered voters, but it does not increase turnout – especially on a federal level.

Of course the public are against Hillary on this. 70 percent support strong voter identification laws. Even 55 percent of Democrats support voter ID.