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They’re Drunk, Aren’t They? Time Mag Writes Story About Hillary’s “Emoji”

Time – the magazine with such accomplishments as making OJ Simpson look blacker and proclaiming Hitler “Man of the Year,” is back with more hard-hitting “news.”

The magazine wants you to know what Hillary Clinton’s favorite “emojis” are.

For those of you with jobs and a life and other distractions, “emojis” are little graphic images, like a smiley face, that can appear in text, usually found on Twitter.

Anyway, Time’s story, titled “Here are Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Emoji” goes into exhaustive detail to uncover this scintillating story. They describe how they did it.

TIME and MONEY dug around to find some of the most interesting results from famous politicians, business leaders and celebrities, including presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush. Click through the list to also see the favored emoji of Bill Clinton, Narendra Modi, Elon Musk, Travis Kalanick, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus.

Great. They then inform us that President Obama doesn’t use emoji on his Twitter feed, but neither does Warren Buffet or Kanye West.

But Hillary’s Twitter feed? Hoo-boy.

Democratic presidential front-runner and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (or at least the folks running her Twitter feed) seem to favor the checkmark, clapping hands and “sparkles” emoji – though the American flag also makes the cut.

Susie Poppick wrote this story. I hope took a long hot shower after she hit “send.”