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Hillary Campaign Treats Media Like Cattle, Blames School Hosting Her

The note drips condescension.

Hillary is giving a campaign speech at Texas Southern University tomorrow and the media who are forced to follow her are going to cover it like it’s important.

Those media – hundreds of reporters who hang on her every word – are treated so poorly by the Clinton campaign, I actually feel sorry for them.

Jennifer Epstein is one of those reporters. She works for Bloomberg Politics and like the rest of the press, is herded back and forth by Hillary’s campaign and minions.

Epstein tweeted out some of the instructions to the press at her TSU event and it’s so demeaning and condescending that it’s palpable.

The text is in all red. No interviews. Her speech is her interview. How insulting.

Of course, very quickly after tweeting this out, Epstein posted that the note was from the school and not the campaign.

Does anybody believe that? Does anybody believe the school would dictate – on their own – that the press couldn’t interview Clinton? And in that demeaning way?

Clearly, the campaign told the school – who is hosting the event – what to say and how to emphasize it.

“You must stay within the barricades once you enter the arena.” Really? They’re treated like wandering cows.

How insulting.

H/T: weaselzippers.us