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Officials Complained For Five Years About Hillary’s Illegal E-mail Use

For more than five years, record-keeping officials have been complaining about Hillary Clinton’s shady record-keeping practices, but nobody cared.

As far back as November 2009, folks at the National Archives and Records Administration have been sending warnings about how Clinton sent, saved and stored her official e-mails, Fox News is reporting.

During Clinton’s final days in office, Paul Wester, the director of Modern Records Programs at NARA – essentially the agency’s chief records custodian – privately emailed five NARA colleagues to confide his fear that Clinton would take her official records with her when she left office, in violation of federal statutes.

The e-mail discussed “delicately” finding out how Clinton planned to store the e-mails she refused to turn over. It also compares Clinton to how the Nixon Administration turned over some documents to the Ford Administration and classified others.

Archives released 73 internal documents showing continued concern about Clinton and her office’s lack of legal recordkeeping – but nothing was done.

The alarm bells sounded fairly early in Clinton’s tenure at Foggy Bottom. In a November 2009 email, written when Clinton had not yet completed her first year on the job, NARA archivist David Langbart wrote to his colleague, Michael Kurtz, about a “huge issue on which there has been little progress” – namely, the proper preservation of “high-level memos” generated by employees at “S/ES.” That is the abbreviation for the office of the secretary of state within the State Department’s Executive Secretariat.

“[Members of a task force] are still working with the Executive Secretariat on the high-level memos issue,” Langbart wrote on November 2. “Earlier it sounded like S/ES was going to rely on SMART [an updated recordkeeping program for the State Department] but it now appears that they will be establishing their own recordkeeping system…”