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Overnight, Hillary’s Army Grows By 4 Million

Hillary’s army has just grown by 4 million.

After six weeks of campaigning, Hillary’s “pre-campaign” group has turned over their supporter list, giving the Clinton campaign a boost of millions of names and contact information.

The contact information is important because only a small percentage of calls from a campaign call bank result in verified contact names and phone numbers.

The list – turned over by “Ready for Hillary” represents untold manhours and millions of dollars.

Of course – this was all part of the well-orchestrated plan. Hillary’s army would do all the pre-campaigning legwork and hand her a ready-made list of soldiers.

“I could offer about 4 million reasons why the Ready for Hillary list is an important resource,” Tracy Sefl, a Democratic strategist who served as a senior adviser to the independent super PAC before it shut down, told Politico.

There might be some overlap between Hillary’s own list of supporters and the old “Ready for Hillary” list, since “Ready” had been begging their supporters to sign up on Hillary’s website too. But that’s ok.

These are dedicated supporters. Four million of them.

And in a campaign fraught with scandals and failures, it’s a huge boost.

The list wasn’t handed over for various legal reasons and tied up with lawyers trying to figure out how to skirt comply with the law in turning over the data.