Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Media Declares Hillary’s “Strong Start.” Nope. Not Even Close.

The propaganda wheels are spinning so hard at The New Yorker for Hillary, I can see smoke.

With the headline “Hillary Clinton’s Strong Start” (yes, that’s the title), John Cassidy proclaims the Clinton camp has successfully rode the waves of controversy about the Clinton Foundation, the secret (and destroyed) emails and all her shady friends.

Benghazi isn’t even mentioned by Cassidy, it’s so “off the radar.”

Except none of it is true. Clinton still has to actually answer questions about all of these (something she so far has been loath to do), she has yet to testify before Congress about much of this and investigation about her vacuuming of money from foreign donors while Secretary of State is still ongoing.

But aside all that is a very strange question about “trustworthiness” versus “leadership.”

Cassidy proclaims nobody cares about a president being “trustworthy” as long as they’re a good leader.

The number of people who question Clinton’s trustworthiness must be of concern to her team, and it’s a figure that Republican ad-makers and opposition-research shops will be seeking to increase. But this issue needs to be weighed against the fact that Presidential elections are about leadership—and most Americans think of Clinton as an experienced and strong leader. One of the survey questions asked, “Would you say that Hillary Clinton has strong leadership qualities or not?” Sixty per cent of respondents said yes, and thirty-seven per cent said no. Among Independents, fifty-eight per cent answered yes, and thirty-eight per cent said no.

This is ridiculous, of course. History is rife with strong “leaders” who were certainly lacking in trust. Nixon was a strong leader. The public lost trust in him.

Hugo Chavez was a strong leader. So was Pol Pot and Mussolini. Everybody agrees Kazakh President Nazarbayev is a strong leader.

Things are “on track,” Cassidy proclaims. Put whatever spin you want on Hillary’s campaign, it’s neither on track or off to a good start.

Hillary has a lot of self-inflicted wounds that will be exposed in the weeks and months ahead.

Things don’t look good.