Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Saying Things She Thinks Will Make Black People Happy – And In A Southern Accent!

When she’s not busy hanging out with lots and lots of white people, Hillary Clinton is working extra-hard for the black vote.

She has to. She’s said some pretty nasty – and some say racist – things in the past about Barack Obama.

Blacks – who, let’s face it were already going to vote en masse for Barack Obama – were even more turned off during the 2008 campaign by Bill and Hillary’s not-so-subtle suggestions that Obama’s only popular because he’s black.

After that primary, Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), who claims to speak for all black people, said: “It’s pretty widespread now that African Americans have lost a lot of respect for Bill Clinton.”

So Hillary’s got to win them back.

So Hillary’s again sporting that Southern twang and talking about “chicken and waffles.”

Because she wants them to forget the things she said in 2008, like in the video above where she suggests that LBJ was more of a “doer,” than MLK.

Because, dammit, you gotta pander. So here’s her strategy, laid out by The Washington Post:

And it’s against that backdrop that what Clinton had to say in South Carolina this week was less a concession to anyone’s ideas about the proper or traditional role of women as it was to say, I know. Barack Obama won. I supported his agenda and did work for Obama around the world. I’m an ally. Now, I’d like to lead.

So please, black folks, vote for me – because I let one of you people in the White House last time.