Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary’s “Everyday Americans” Are Painfully White

The “everyday Americans” that Hillary hand-picks for her “pretending to listen” tour around the country are profoundly white, and most are anything but young.

This is great, because back when Hillary ran (and lost) in 2008, she talked about how awesome it was that “white Americans” support her so much over Barack Obama (I guess because he’s black, right Hillary?)

Several photos released by the campaign, and compiled by the Washington Free Beacon show the scripted meetings, discussions and “roundtable events” Hillary has hosted since announcing (the first time, this second time) on April 12 are agonizingly white.

Here are some of the photos.

White people on April 14:Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mick Starcevich

White people on April 15:

Hillary Rodham Clinton

More White People on April 15. I do see someone in there who’s a redhead:

Hillary Rodham Clinton

White and old:

Hillary Rodham ClintonWhite-y white white:

May 5 hillary

Hey! Not white!Hillary Rodham Clinton

Aww … back to white – with one token exception!Hillary Rodham ClintonAnd … white, but macho!Hillary Rodham ClintonSo if you’re white, and you’re an American, and you’re both white and an American every day, then Hillary’s your gal!