Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary’s Huge Win: She Now Controls The Narrative

We should have expected this.

The Clinton camp’s mastery of manipulating the media continues.

Read how Politico puts the “release” of 900 e-mails from Hillary’s time at the State DepartmentL

POLITICO read the documents to find the most insightful and telling emails. There are deadly serious moments — Clinton learning of the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, for instance — and light-hearted ones, as when she jokes about her concussion. And there are political moments, with glimpses of top officials’ concerns about how the attack on the Libyan compound would affect the 2012 elections. While there doesn’t seem to be the kind of “smoking gun” that many Republicans imagined, the exchanges provide plenty of one-liners that will surely be used against Clinton when she testifies before a House panel later this year.

No “smoking gun” that Republicans imagined? Are they kidding?

Clinton and her lackey cherry-picked the e-mails she wanted released. She picked them. Does anybody thing there’s anything salacious about them? Even the e-mails that might create a little bit of news (like what I wrote about Clinton messing up Chris Steven’s name), or an e-mail describing the bizarre influence of Sidney Blumenthal. It’s all made-up, folks.)

They knew the media needed some news. Something to glom on to. So they tossed them these little bones. Tiny controversies that will have zero impact on her campaign.

Lost in the mainstream media’s obsession over these e-mails is that this is what Hillary wanted you to see. Where are the rest of the e-mails? All of them, Hillary?

That’s what the media and the American people should demand. The whole thing.

But like a bunch of cows, they’re happy grazing at whatever is thrown in front of them.

And here’s the best part: They’ll release dribs and drabs of e-mails from now until the campaign, setting the narrative, determining what the media will cover.

And all the while, the e-mails Hillary doesn’t want you to receive are gone – poof – when they destroyed the server.

Score one for Hillary.