Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary Campaign Caught In Yet Another Lie: Proof She Used Two E-mails While SOS

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is built on lies. Lots of them.

One of the cogs in Hillary’s massive campaign machine is a frenetic website called “Correct The Record.” Its entire mission is to target politicians and media who dare to challenge Hillary Clinton.

If you question Hillary’s exorbitant speaking fees, they attack. Even the liberal media who dare to challenge Hillary’s coronation are in Correct The Record (CTR)’s crosshairs.

They’ve spent lots of time promoting Clinton’s anodyne book “Hard Choices,” which nobody is reading because it’s about as exciting as rice cereal.

They claim to debunk myths, and offer counter-attacks on a myriad of issues. They’re funded by David Brock’s “Media Matters,” another liberal outfit that claims to counter the “conservative media.”

Lately, they’ve been attacking Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the Benghazi Committee in the House. The attacks often are very personal and rather juvenile, but it’s part-and –parcel for a website that is completely dedicated to Hillary Clinton.

But they’re liars. Case in point:

Back in March, Rep. Gowdy’s committee subpoenaed Hillary Clinton’s e-mails after there were suggestions that she was using two separate e-mail accounts while at the State Department – both for official business.

Hillary’s campaign shot back with a big fat lie, claiming “ Secretary Clinton used one email account during her tenure at State.” They w ere quoting an official statement from Clinton’s office on March 10.

It was a juvenile and snotty response to Gowdy’s subpoena –  CTR repeated Hillary’s lie under the headline “Trey Gowdy’s Bad Week.”

But as The New York Times revealed Monday, Hillary used her personal e-mail address ([email protected]) while Secretary of State and for official business. (A 27-page pdf of the emails can be found here.)

Reince Priebus and other Republicans are using the term “misled.” But they’re lies, plain and simple.

CTR and the entire Hillary operation are built desperately trying to cover up her lies and corruption. The house of cards will fall, but will it happen before or after he coronation as Democratic nominee?