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Harry Reid: “We Have Hillary Clinton And That’s It”

“We have Hillary Clinton and that’s it.”

That’s what Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid told MSNBC when asked about the Democratic Presidential field in 2016.

Speaking to MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart (and literally nobody else, since no one watches MSNBC anymore), Reid waxed nostalgic about the 2008 campaign which pitted “two all-stars” in Hillary and Barack Obama.

“Think how wonderful that primary was,” Reid said. “Two all-stars, two people that will be in the political hall of fame no matter what happens in the future and they were involved in a primary. That was helpful. Now, right now we have Hillary Clinton and that’s it. She’s not him. There’s not another Barack Obama out there. There are no all-stars out there. She has a clear field, and I’m glad she does.”

I think his banged-up old brain kicked into gear half-way through that sentence. He started out lamenting that Hillary’s a shoo-in for the Democratic primary, that there was nobody to challenge her and even admitting there’s “not another Barack Obama out there (good for the country, bad for Democrats, I guess)” and pivoted to pretending he’s pleased that she’s headed straight to the general election.

But because he’s about 1,000 years old and has been tossed about more than my five-year-old’s playthings, it’s easy to see right through his disappointment.