Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Democrats Think Hillary’s Problem Can Be Solved With … More Hillary!

As HotAir put it, Democrats have a fever. A Hillary fever and the only cure is more Hillary.

In an unscientific survey of Democratic Insiders, they discovered that they’re not feeling the love for Hillary that they need. Hillary clearly needs to get out and hold more public events.

“She needs to step it up dramatically,” said a pro-Clinton Iowa Democrat, who — like all 77 respondents — completed the Politico questionnaire anonymously in order to speak candidly.

“We have this need to feel well-loved every four years,” said an uncommitted New Hampshire Democrat. “If other candidates begin to make inroads, Clinton’s absence will be noted.”

Insiders are begging Hillary to hold more campaign event so the voters can see her in person, another insider said. She should give a major speech soon, headline a rally … anything … like a cowbell, everything’s better with Hillary.

On the other hand, a lot of Democrats joked that their friends will never be satisfied no matter how much time Hillary puts in on the ground. “There is more concern out there among Democrats than I would have thought,” said one in New Hampshire. “People feel freer to voice their concerns about the Big Crash that everyone thinks will happen to her campaign.”

Even Republicans agree that Clinton isn’t spending enough time on the campaign trail.

“But when she does, she is so horrible, dull, scripted and phony that the Hillary juggernaut should create plans to build a soundproof Rose Garden in Brooklyn,” said a Granite Stater.