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Cheapskate Hillary Makes Millionaires Buy Their Own Lunch At Campaign Event

Even if you’ve managed to con nine of your friends to write $2,700 checks to Hillary Clinton and managed to get into one of her swanky fundraisers  in New York City, don’t expect any food.

The chintzy campaign is telling deep-pocketed donors and “bundlers” that they’re on their own for lunch, suggesting some overpriced restaurants in the area.

The briefing for hundreds of donors will begin in the afternoon, and the campaign is offering people a tour of their decidedly grungy headquarters at 1 Pierrepont Plaza in the morning. But in between, attendees will be left fending for themselves, in terms of food.

“Lunch on your own,” reads a section of the invitation that donors received this week. “For those who are having lunch in Brooklyn, we suggest finding a restaurant in Brooklyn Heights (near the campaign office) or in Red Hook (near the summit venue). The summit venue is a 15-minute cab or Uber ride from the campaign headquarters, so please plan accordingly.”

Despite reports that Clinton plans to raise almost $1.7 billion, campaign manager Robby Mook said he plans to run the race on the cheap. The New York Times is reporting salaries are low, there are no phones in the campaign headquarters and the refreshments at one California event last week were cookies and bottles of water.