Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Hillary’s Paralysis Pleases No One

The only think Hillary Clinton stands for is getting Hillary Clinton elected.

Those are the perceptive comments of Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin.

In an op-ed today, she details the increasing irrelevance of Hillary. Unable to jump into the liberal tub-thumping about income inequality –because she’s filthy rich, she sits silent while Democrats hammer out their class warfare strategy.

Unwilling to take a salient position on free trade, as Elizabeth Warren battles Barack Obama from the left, she offers fuzzy, vague generalizations. She’s too afraid to take a position either way, irritating both leftist isolationists and President Obama.

When Jeb Bush made the politically idiotic comment that knowing what we know now, he would still approve the War in Iraq, Hillary’s mum: for she did vote for the War in Iraq. She’s admitted she was wrong, but she doesn’t want to remind us of that.

Rubin said Hillary’s “caution paralyzes her and makes her irrelevant.” Perhaps, but it’s the hypocrisy that would ooze out the sides of her piehole if she did decide to say almost anything at all.

Clinton will remain the inevitable nominee unless and until the left figures out she is not one of them, has never been and has a boat load of liabilities, not the least of which is that she and her husband have gotten rich off the promise of giving billionaires and disagreeable kingdoms access to power. For a party stretching its populist muscles, she seems like an odd standard bearer.