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George Clooney Pledges Allegiance To Hillary Army

Hillary’s zombie army has grown by one.

Actor and liberal nitwit George Clooney has pledged his support for Clinton for “whatever she wants.”

Back in 2008, Clooney spoke out against Hillary, calling her “the most polarizing figure in American politics.”

But in an interview this week with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Clooney said he supports Clinton. When asked if he will be helping her campaign, he said: “Sure, whatever she wants, whatever I way I can help.”

In 2012, Clooney helped raise more than $10 million for President Obama.

Clooney stood by his description of Hillary as polarizing, saying there were lots of made-up scandals at the time – like Benghazi – that would cause as many people to vote against her as for her.

“But I find that she is now — I think she’s ready to be president,” he said.

The Hillary Zombie Army now includes millionaires and billionaires, Larry Flynt, zombies, rich foreign nationals, nitwits, hookers, dummies, leftists, border-jumpers and George Clooney.

Looks like everyone’s on board the Hillary train except “everyday Americans.”