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Revealed: Four Clinton Foundation Board Members Charged With Or Convicted Of Financial Crimes

At least four members of the Clinton Foundation board of directors have been either charged or convicted of financial crimes, including bribery and fraud.

The amazing revelation – first reported by Breitbart – is from Peter Schweitzer’s Clinton Cash – a book that has put Hillary’s campaign in freakout mode.

The Clinton Foundation – which some have said amounts to no more than a “slush fund” – is so sketchy as a charity that a watchdog group refuses to even rate their effectiveness and transparency.

One of those problems is the fact that the Clintons put big donors and close pals on the board for reasons that are hard to fathom. In fact, at least four of these “board members” have either been charged or convicted of serious financial irregularities, crimes including bribery and fraud.

  • One of the most prominent board members of the Clinton Foundation is Vinod Gupta. Gupta is a major Clinton contributor. He also settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission for $4 million after being charged with fraud.
  • Another board member, Sant Chatwal, was convicted on charges of obstruction of justice and illegal campaign financing.
  • Victor Dahdaleh, another Clinton Foundation board member, was charged in the U.K. for trying to bribe foreign executives to win contracts.
  • And finally, board member Ronaldo Gonzalez Bunster was charged with fraud in the Dominican Republic for trying to overcharge the government.

H/T: weaselzippers.us