Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Poll: Six In Ten Americans Say Hillary “Not Trustworthy”

Americans – by and large – like Hillary Clinton, until they have to actually choose her.

It turns out that when she’s not running for any political office, Hillary’s likability and trust are a net positive with voters. The Washington Post reports that In 1994 when she was First Lady, and during her tenure as Secretary of State, more people rated her as “trustworthy” than otherwise.

The Washington Post is reporting that something changes as soon as she decides to run for office.

In 2008, Clinton’s net trustworthiness dropped a ton, and then recovered while she was secretary of state. In 2016, it’s dropping again. In the background, you can see the net favorability rating, the thin blue line. It goes up and down depending on if a Clinton is running, dropping in 1996, 2000, 2008 and once again this year.

The one common description of Hillary that Americans have is “untrustworthy.” This isn’t just among Republicans either. Four in ten Democrats would not rate Hillary as trustworthy.

This is an amazing number for a candidate who so far is facing no serious opposition. Another poll finds 62 percent of Americans say Clinton has “strong leadership qualities,” but so did Hitler. The same poll finds that 54 percent said she was not honest and trustworthy.

That line of attack is hugely problematic for Clinton’s presidential bid because it speaks to the concerns about trust that many in the electorate — including many who are favorably inclined to the Clintons — feel toward her and her family.

It affirms for people that there is always some piece — or pieces — of baggage that comes with electing the Clintons to anything. It’s part of the deal. You don’t get one without the other.