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Drip-Drip-Drip: Hillary’s Flip-Flop On Indian Nuke Deal After Big $$ Flows Into Her “Charity”

It’s the constant release of information about how the Clinton Foundation is really just a scheme to buy access and influence from the Clintons that may be Hillary’s downfall.

Politico is reporting that Hillary did an about-face on a nuclear agreement between the United States and India after a massive influx of cash liked the Foundation’s coffers from “Indian interests.”

The allegation is detailed in the book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer. The book isn’t out until Tuesday, but the publisher released a chapter titled “Indian Nukes: How to Win a Medal by Changing Hillary’s Mind.” The book’s author and publisher has been attacked as being part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” against Hillary.

On MSNBC, Schweizer discussed the released chapter:

“In 1998 the Indian government conducted nuclear tests, Bill Clinton imposed restrictions on the export of U.S. nuclear technology, because this violated the nonproliferation treaty — Hillary Clinton supported that position,” Schweizer said. “In 2005, the Indian government wanted those restrictions lifted. Hillary Clinton at that time supported a killer amendment to stop that from happening. After 2005, a number of Indian interests, including an Indian politician that admits now that his donation to the Clinton Foundation wasn’t even his money, those donations flowed. In 2008, she reverses course and supports the export of U.S. nuclear technology.”

The Clinton campaign has responded that the book is an attempt to “rewrite history,” and that it’s another “conspiracy theory.”

We’ll see. As we reported, several prominent media outlets have agreements to investigate details in the book, so these stories aren’t going anywhere.